Importance of Researching a Company Before the Interview

Since most companies won’t let you “try it before you buy it,” doing your research upfront before the interview will help you be sure you’re making the right choice when offered the job. But other benefits can signal to interviewers you’re organized and interested in what they have to offer. Here’s why researching a company before the interview process is essential.


How A Little Research Can Help You Land a Job

It can be frustrating for a Hiring Manager when an applicant fails to research the position. It happens far more than you might think, and it can feel like a timewaster for the interviewer. Imagine how it might look if you show up for the interview, not knowing the company values or what products they sell? Interviewers see it all, and this is far too common, along with candidates that don’t reread the job description to prepare questions for the interview.


Many interviewers have learned to ask, “What do you know about the company?” to try to eliminate unprepared candidates from their screening pool. For all these reasons, make it a point to not wash out early by doing a little advance research. The company website is an excellent place to start. As you’re reading about the company, take notes and formulate questions from the material you see. Pay attention to any news sections or press releases that discuss corporate finance or market news. Look at the careers page and check out any videos or blogs. Finally, Google the company, and see what comes up. Even if you take a half-hour before the interview to do a little research, the benefits include:


  • You’ll appear more organized and interested in the job. Researching the company shows your initiative and commitment to the interview process.
  • It will give you a chance to begin to match your skills to the company. This will help you present yourself in a more favorable light to interviewers.
  • Research lets you determine if the corporate values and culture is a good match for where you want to work in the future. A Google search could help you figure out if the company had layoffs or whether it’s posted a profit.
  • It also helps prep you for the inevitable interview question, “Why do you want to work here?” Saying “I need a paycheck” is not the best way to answer. Instead, if you understand company focus and dynamics, you can explain how you can add value when they hire you.
  • Finally, researching the job before your interview is an excellent way to formulate questions for the interviewer. It can look bad if you come in with no questions. Researching allows you to come up with a good number of thoughtful inquiries into the company that will make you look both well prepared and engaged.

Looking for More Pre-Interview Tips?

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