3 Tips to Help Conduct Yourself in a Professional Manner

First impressions still matter. There are all kinds of scientific studies that show how humans sum up their opinions of people in the first 10-minutes of meeting them. It has to do with the way humans are hard-wired for fight or flight; our unconscious minds just naturally judge people quickly to determine if they are friend or foe.


This human characteristic spills over into the job interview process. That’s why conducting yourself professionally is so important. This article will give you three essential tips that will help you make an excellent first impression and have a better chance of nailing the interview and landing the job.


Professionalism in the Interview 

Practicing basic professional etiquette during the hiring process requires following some rules for how you greet and interact with the interviewer. What you wear, how you greet the interviewer, and how you conduct yourself when they ask you questions are all a part of exhibiting professional behaviors. These three things can help you create a positive or negative impression during the interview:


  1. Attire

It should go without saying that if your clothes are less than professional, the interviewer may believe you are not competent or capable of doing the job. Dressing professionally is important even if the position you’re applying for is manual labor. Your attire is key to your professionalism, and it is one of the first things the hiring team will notice when you walk into a room.


  1. Handshake

A strong, firm (not crushing) handshake implies confidence. It’s a professional greeting in the business world and an activity you should use to lead and close the interview process. Since most of us don’t run around all day shaking hands, it’s probably a good idea to practice your handshake with others, along with making eye contact in a professional way.


  1. Eye contact

Smiling, making eye contact, and the handshake all signal your confidence in yourself. It leaves a good impression with interviewers of your professionalism and speaks highly of your strength as a job candidate. As your interviewer asks you questions, try to maintain eye contact. If you look away, it may seem as if you are uninterested or uninterested in what they have to say. Try to have an open, positive expression on your face as you maintain eye contact, which will make it seem less like you’re staring at the interviewer. It’s okay to look down or side as you formulate your answer but look at the interviewer as you respond to their question.


Even after the interview, your professionalism should be on display for the hiring manager to notice. This means sending a friendly follow-up email to the recruiter or hiring a team and thanking them for the opportunity.


The attention to detail you exhibited during the interview process will leave the hiring manager with a more favorable impression. Twin City Staffing can help you hone these skills before your next interview. Talk with us. We can help you hone your skills and land your next big opportunity.