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Direct Hire Staffing, Simplify Your Hiring Process. 

Welcome to Twin City Staffing, your premier direct hire staffing agency. We specialize in connecting top-tier talent directly to your organization, ensuring a seamless integration into your team. Our direct hire staffing services cater to a variety of industries, providing skilled professionals who are ready to contribute to your success. Let us take the hassle out of hiring, so you can focus on growing your business.

Industries We Work In:


In the driving industry, a direct hire from Twin City Staffing means getting a professional who’s ready to hit the road. Our direct hire staffing services ensure you get experienced and reliable drivers, suitable for all types of transportation needs. We handle the vetting, so you receive a driver that fits your company’s unique requirements. Learn More

Driving Staffing Agency
CNC Machining Staffing Agency

CNC Machining:

Our direct-hire staffing agency specializes in connecting CNC machining businesses with expert machinists. We ensure that you receive candidates proficient in the latest CNC technologies, ready to contribute to your precise production needs. Trust us to deliver skilled personnel for long-term success in your machining endeavors. Learn More

Administrative/ Clerical:

Find your next office star through our direct hire staffing services. We specialize in sourcing organized, detail-oriented administrative and clerical professionals. From executive assistants to data entry clerks, our candidates are pre-screened for their skills and fit for your company culture. Enhance your administrative efficiency with our direct hire solutions. Learn More

Administrative and Clerical Staffing Agency
Manufacturing Staffing Agency


For manufacturing roles, our direct hire staffing agency provides skilled candidates ready to elevate your production lines. We understand the industry’s fast-paced nature and offer direct hire solutions for both temporary and permanent roles. Our candidates are equipped to enhance your manufacturing operations from day one. Learn More

Light Industrial/ General Labor:

In the realm of light industrial and general labor, our direct hire staffing services connect you with diligent, skilled workers. We provide candidates who are ready to contribute effectively in your warehouses, production facilities, or construction sites, meeting all your specific skill and safety requirements. Learn More

Light Industrial Staffing Agency

Partner with Twin City Staffing 

At Twin City Staffing, our direct hire staffing services are designed to streamline your hiring process, ensuring you get the right talent for your specific industry needs. Whether you’re looking for professionals in driving, CNC machining, administrative roles, manufacturing, or light industrial labor, we have the expertise to fulfill your staffing requirements. If you need direct to hire top-notch staff for your business directly, contact us today, and let’s achieve your staffing goals together.

Call us at 763-363-6447 or fill out the form below to get in touch with our Direct Hire team.

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  • We have been working with the recruiting professionals at Twin City Staffing for over 15 years.  Our relationship has grown from one of occasional use to being our primary staffing provider.  Their services include placement of CDL drivers, mechanics, office staff and management professionals.  Many of our current staff has come to us through Twin City Staffing.  They have provided us with not only qualified candidates but employees that truly fit the culture of our company.  Currently, they are working with us on providing a management application process including tests, references, background checks, academic verification and then providing us a standardized report with results allowing us to have a complete overview of our applicants.  Our experience with the professionals at Twin City Staffing has been a very positive experience and I highly recommend their services. Eric S, Operation Manager

  • Twin City Staffing has been a huge help for us when we’ve been in a pinch, they do a great job of getting us same day or next day help as needed. They have also been able to help us out when we need extra help to smooth out our seasonal ramp-ups, which have turned into multiple full time employees. Loni, Shipping Supervisor 

  • Twin City Staffing has continuously come through with qualified candidates for open positions at all levels within our organization. Many of our current employees were recruited and placed by the Twin City Staffing Personnel. Joyce Z, HR Manager

  • The Twin City Staffing team consistently provides exceptional customer service and quality placements. They have taken the time to understand our needs and therefore send us qualified candidates that are a good fit for our business. Their communication and follow-up are also top-notch. It is a relief to know that when we are in need of people for either short or long-term assignments, we can count on Twin City Staffing! Jennifer L, HR Manager