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Our expertise in payroll outsourcing and payrolling partner services offers comprehensive solutions for your workforce management. As a leading payrolling partner in the Twin Cities, we specialize in handling all your payroll needs across various industries. This allows you to streamline operations and focus on your core business, while we manage the complexities of payroll administration.

Industries We Work In:


In the driving industry, our payroll outsourcing service ensures your drivers are compensated accurately and punctually. We handle all aspects of payroll, from time tracking to tax withholdings, allowing you to concentrate on logistics and client service. Trust us as your payrolling partner to manage the financial details seamlessly.  Learn More

Driving Staffing Agency
CNC Machining Staffing Agency

CNC Machining:

Our payrolling partner service is tailored for the precision-driven world of CNC Machining. We provide detailed and punctual payroll management, understanding the specific needs of CNC machinists. From handling regular wages to complex calculations, our payroll outsourcing expertise is your solution. Learn More

Administrative/ Clerical:

For administrative and clerical roles, our payroll outsourcing service efficiently manages your payroll responsibilities. As your payrolling partner, we ensure all salary disbursements and regulatory compliances are handled meticulously, allowing your administrative staff to focus on their primary tasks.  Learn More

Administrative and Clerical Staffing Agency
Manufacturing Staffing Agency


In the manufacturing sector, our payrolling partner service simplifies payroll management. We cover everything from wage computations to employee benefits, ensuring a hassle-free payroll experience. With our payroll outsourcing services, your manufacturing operations can run smoothly without internal payroll burdens. Learn More

Light Industrial/ General Labor:

Our payroll outsourcing service for light industrial and general labor sectors offers comprehensive payroll management. As your payrolling partner, we ensure accurate and timely payment for your workforce, handling all payroll-related tasks efficiently. This service allows you to focus on operational excellence. Learn More

Light Industrial Staffing Agency

Streamline Your Payroll with Our Expert Payrolling Partner and Payroll Outsourcing Services

Choose Twin City Staffing as your payrolling partner and experience the ease of our payroll outsourcing services. We provide efficient, reliable payroll management tailored to your industry needs, whether it’s driving, CNC machining, administrative roles, manufacturing, or light industrial work.

Call us at 763-363-6447 or fill out the form below to get in touch with our Payroll team.

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  • We have been working with the recruiting professionals at Twin City Staffing for over 15 years.  Our relationship has grown from one of occasional use to being our primary staffing provider.  Their services include placement of CDL drivers, mechanics, office staff and management professionals.  Many of our current staff has come to us through Twin City Staffing.  They have provided us with not only qualified candidates but employees that truly fit the culture of our company.  Currently, they are working with us on providing a management application process including tests, references, background checks, academic verification and then providing us a standardized report with results allowing us to have a complete overview of our applicants.  Our experience with the professionals at Twin City Staffing has been a very positive experience and I highly recommend their services. Eric S, Operation Manager

  • Twin City Staffing has been a huge help for us when we’ve been in a pinch, they do a great job of getting us same day or next day help as needed. They have also been able to help us out when we need extra help to smooth out our seasonal ramp-ups, which have turned into multiple full time employees. Loni, Shipping Supervisor 

  • Twin City Staffing has continuously come through with qualified candidates for open positions at all levels within our organization. Many of our current employees were recruited and placed by the Twin City Staffing Personnel. Joyce Z, HR Manager

  • The Twin City Staffing team consistently provides exceptional customer service and quality placements. They have taken the time to understand our needs and therefore send us qualified candidates that are a good fit for our business. Their communication and follow-up are also top-notch. It is a relief to know that when we are in need of people for either short or long-term assignments, we can count on Twin City Staffing! Jennifer L, HR Manager